Boho Painting Ideas To Liven Up Your Space

Boho Painting Ideas To Liven Up Your Space - Vybe Interior

Boho art is all about expressing your individuality, creativity, and spirituality through eclectic and vibrant styles. If often includes earthy colors, a mixture of patterns and textures, and aspects of nature. All of these in combination result in a chance to express your own style in a personal and spiritual way.


In this article, we’ll recommend some stunning Boho painting ideas that are guaranteed to tie your personality into your home.

What is a Boho Painting?

Boho is an abbreviation of Bohemian, so a boho painting is any painting in the Bohemian style. Bohemian designs are often used by artists to signify spirituality and creativity. They evoke a sense of wanderlust, inspiring people to stray from the norm and embrace their own unique style.


Generally, Boho paintings have natural undertones, simplistic earthy colors, and bold patterns. This art style gives your home an eclectic vibe with its mix of textures, colors, and designs. They're guaranteed to liven up any room.


Many Boho paintings contain a subject from nature such as plants, flowers, landscapes, or animals. But, they can be abstract too. Some boho paintings are comprised of unique shapes, abstract designs, or artificial figures.


We've compiled a few of our favorite boho painting styles to help inspire your home decor.

5 Boho Painting Ideas for Any Room in Your House

1 - Landscapes

Boho landscape paintings capture the beauty of nature through minimalistic depictions of sceneries. They showcase tranquil views of various locations - the shimmering sands of beaches, the lush greens of forests, the colorful hues of sunsets, and more. Boho sunset paintings are a crowd favorite, capturing the stunning transition of colors in the sky as the sun dips below the horizon.


The color scheme of Boho landscapes is simplistic, using a limited range of natural shades that enhance the calming effect of the artwork. This makes the paintings aesthetically pleasing, inviting the viewer to get lost in the tranquility of the scenes.


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2 - Abstract: Patterns & Shapes

Boho abstract paintings are a modern art form that encourages the exploration of your imagination. Unlike realistic paintings that depict tangible subjects, abstract art relies on the artist's creativity to conjure up images that provoke thought and emotion. Abstract art comes in many forms. Its patterns, shapes, color gradients, and other intricate designs transcend traditional art boundaries.


Boho abstract art is different from conventional modern art with its minimalist approach, making use of limited colors and smaller canvases to achieve a more refined aesthetic. Despite the limited use of colors, Boho abstract paintings radiate an energy that captures the viewer's attention and stimulates their imagination.


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3 - Botanical

Botanical boho paintings are inspired by the world of plants. They're an easy way to bring some of the outside world into your home. These paintings feature a wide range of subjects - single flowers, vines, lush green leaves, tall trees, and even fruits and vegetables. They're typically set against a solid background that enhances their vibrant colors and create a stunning contrast.


Although botanical boho paintings can liven up any room in your house, they're an especially good decor option for kitchens. The vibrant colors and intricate details create a welcoming and refreshing atmosphere that can help make the kitchen the heart of your home.


Vybe Tip: This type of painting makes a great gift for gardeners. Check out our green canvas art collection for inspiration.

4 - Portraits

Boho portraits typically feature the subject's head from the shoulders up, portraying them in a minimalist style. Unlike traditional portraits that capture intricate details, Boho portraits take a more simplistic approach to highlight the subject's essence and aura.


These portraits often incorporate a vague shape or outline of the person's face, and in some cases, may just showcase a profile view of the subject. They typically exhibit an artistic tribal touch, infusing an ethnic flair that evokes a sense of mystery and exoticism.

5 - Body Line Art

Boho body paintings include the shape of a body and often omit the details of the face. Boho body line art is very artistic and usually features women in various poses. Some Boho body line paintings are abstract, with extremities shifting into other shapes.


These paintings can be suitable for offices of professionals with body art. For instance, personal trainers, tattoo artists, or anyone who appreciates the human body. 

Bohemian Artwork Colors

While there aren't hard and fast rules around what colors can be used in boho paintings, they typically follow a few key themes. The style typically incorporates deep, earthy hues like brown, black, grey, white, and red. Neutral colors are also wildly popular. Artists often use different shades of the same color to create a cohesive color palette in boho paintings. Rather than relying on an array of colors, Boho art can feature just a few solid hues on a single canvas.


In our store, you can shop by color; blue, green, neutral, orange, pink, purple, red, and yellow. There’s a little something for everyone. 


Bohemian art work is a fantastic way to add life into your home decor, and there's a style for everyone. Whether you're into natural vybes, minimalist vybes, or even abstract vybes, there's a boho painting for you. 

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