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About Asian Wall Art

Asian wall art comes in a wide range of styles that originated in the various cultures of Asia. Some of these influences include Japanese, Indian, and Chinese.

Asian wall art is more than a collection of colors and patterns, it's a celebration of rich Asian cultural heritage. Wall art is a popular way to show off and appreciate these beautiful designs in your home.

Our collection includes a variety of styles, from bold and colorful to more subdued and minimalist. Some pieces feature intricate patterns and designs inspired by Asia's natural beauty. Other pieces are more abstract, featuring bold lines and geometric shapes inspired by traditional Asian calligraphy.

Types of Asian Wall Art

We offer a variety of Asian wall art canvas pieces to cater to your needs. We have abstract vibes that combine unique shapes and patterns that are sure to catch anyone's eye. For geometry lovers, we have square vibes for a clean, organized look in a minimalistic setting. 

We also have Futuristic vibes, which combine modern aspects of technology with traditional Asian brush strokes and colors. For those with ample space, try our gallery sets with matching groups of more than two wall pieces for a complete look.

Decorate with Asian Wall Art

You can decorate your space with our Asian wall art in any way you desire. Your imagination is the only limit! We offer a wide range of options, including brightly colored, calming earth tones, minimalistic designs, and large murals. Personalize the pieces to match your taste and enjoy the lasting beauty of timeless art.

All of our Asian wall art pieces are printed on high-quality canvas. Canvas is lightweight yet durable, making it extremely easy to hang as well as long-lasting. We also offer stunning canvas frames should you want to add a silhouette to your piece. 

100% Happiness Guarantee

Quality Guarantee

Our goal is to provide you with wall art you’ll love for life. If there is anything wrong with your canvas, we’ll always make it right and reship you a brand new canvas as soon as possible.

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We’re pretty quick around here. We’ll have your canvases hand-stretched within 4 business days & it’ll arrive on your doorstep just a few days later.

Handcrafted Locally

Each canvas is handmade-to-order and assembled by our team locally. We use premium & sustainable materials for gallery-quality art that’s built to last.